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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Funny how sometimes we forget things?

Yes, well, sometimes we are a little forgetful! I'm not sure how many of you noticed?.....but my pages and photos looked a little wonky for the last few days. I was so busy remembering all the stories to write about in my posts that I forgot to update my Java script! I know I am getting a little older but I thought my memory was still pretty good?!? However, I don't feel too bad as it seems I'm not the only one forgetting stuff. A friend of mine, the other day was making coffee and forgot to add the water to the machine. My daughter came to our house one time with only one eye done with makeup.....she had forgotten to do the other one! Or, you know when you go to another room to get something and you get there and can't remember what you came for? I get a lot of exercise at home going up and down the stairs not remembering  what the heck I was looking for! Anyway, I have pasted a sticky note on my computer reminding me to keep my Java script updated from now on. more thought on forgetfulness

 "I do not bring forgiveness with me, nor forgetfulness. The only ones who can forgive are dead; the living have no right to forget. "
Chaim Herzog

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