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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did you know that....

This flag was on each building in the Dutch East Indies, before World War 2.It's the Dutch Flag.
                                         10 questions about displaced countrymen from The Dutch-Indies.

                                                                          Did you know....?

1... it was the Netherlands who declared war to Japan?

...  But up to now will not admit the consequences.

2...Queen Wilhelmina from London a radio message send to all their Countrymen in the Dutch Indies, that all damage which would occur from this war declaration will be repaid?

...A promise which the Dutch Government never followed up.

3...The government choose on purpose contrary to the UK-not to evacuate the old age people, women and children to safer territory,(Australia)

....The consequences were that tens of thousands had to die and innumerable had to suffer.

4...The Netherlands is the only Country, who did not pay their KNIL military, many of whom died. Only a small group from South Africa, who had been called to fight, got a total restitution. However this only happened after a lot of pressure from the South African government and had to be kept strictly secret on the Dutch side.

.....As of now the state of this ethic debt, which was not made hereditary, is an International disgrace for the Dutch coat of arms. Many old KNIL military and their next of kin feel this as the last nail in their coffin.

5...Large groups of repatriates from the Dutch Indies, the clothes they received and housing, had to pay this back up to the last penny?

....A very sad example from merciful Holland towards their returning penniless fellow country-men.

6...that from 1946 for the repatriates from the Dutch Indies, only those who had been in Japanese prison camps, got some additional food stamps?

....The Netherlands recognized that this group had suffered the most and had to get their health back.

7...Various Dutch businesses from the Dutch-Indies, after the war, liked to pay their employees, who had missed 3 1/2 year of salary, but the Dutch government would charge 80% Tax?

....That is why a lot of the businesses did not pay.

8...America the Japanese who were interned after the attack on Pearl Harbor had paid them  $ 20.000.00 per person?

....$ 20.000.00 has become the International standard for compensation to survivors from the Japanese prison camps.

9...shortly after the war the Dutch-Indies union of ex-prisoners of war, and internees was established, and that this organization did an inquiry in lost properties of ex-internees?

....As of to-day the government has never even picked up this report. After 55 years, Minister Borst says that exactly that part of the Dutch Indies Union of Ex-Prisoners of war and Internees claims is missing from their records... How convenient!

10...Minister Borst the granting and share of 350 million, handed this responsibility to the Indies platform, and gave instructions to take care of this?

....Consequently is that the Indies Platform declared, that the Dutch who survived the Japanese Prison camps, but most of the time through instigate from the Government after the war emigrated, and therefore not be considered eligible for a payment...

Henk Rash...founder of SVJ

Japanese internees cards.
This one is from my father Klaas van der Wal.                        


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