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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Queen Juliana.World War 2. One war..two worlds apart!

It is December 7. 2011 and I like to write a little bit about world war 2 in Europe. Lots of young people of today have a misunderstanding about this war. Specially about what role the US played in this war.

The Netherlands and the USA hoped to stay neutral when World War 2 broke out in 1939, but this failed to happen when Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940. On May 15 1940, one day after the bombing of  Rotterdam the Dutch forces capitulated, and the Netherlands was taken over by Germany.

This sounds familiar? Yes this indeed sounds familiar! The USA just like the Netherlands wished to stay out this War, but then they too were bombed. The sneaky attack from the Japanese who were allied with the Germans and Mussolini fascism, bombed Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December 1941. Now the USA was at war in the Pacific, and declared War to Japan. Hitler thinking that the US fleet was now crippled, thought this was a perfect time to declare war to the USA. Let the Japs fight the USA in the Pacific and Germany and Italy would take care of Europe, that's what he thought. This would be perfect.
Hitler made a big mistake when he made a declaration of war against the USA in support of Japan. Hitlers biggest mistake.

The US provided millions of dollars in weapons, armament as well as money itself to the Allied forces in Europe. Then the attack on Pearl Harbor pushed the USA official into war.
The real reason the US entered World War 2 because Japan did not like the fact that the US stopped selling oil and scrap metal to them, which they needed so desperately to fight their war..

The Germans deported the majority of the country's Jews to concentration camps.
Sounds familiar?
The Japanese deported the majority of Europeans to concentration camps.

The Germans killed the Jews by putting them in gas chambers.
Sounds familiar?
The Japanese used the Europeans to build whatever there was to build to fight the war, and tortured,starved and worked them to death.They used their prisoners, until they dropped dead.

My husband grew up in occupied the Netherlands and I grew up in occupied the Dutch East Indies (now called Indonesia)

But here is a difference.The Dutch were in their own houses and life continued, although under the rule of Germany.They were together still as one family.Families were still living in their own homes. Father was home, mother was home and everybody slept in their own beds and eat from their own plates, eat with their own knife and forks.Father went to work as normal as it was possible.

The Europeans under the rule of Japan were separated from the men, and all women and children were put in concentration camps.Women and children were locked up behind high fences,taken from their houses. Our daddies were not home,we did not have a home anymore, we did not sleep in our beds, we did not eat with our forks and knives, we had a little spot with hundreds of other women and children, which was our bed, our living room, our dining room, our play room.We had to share these spots with all kinds of insects.Our mothers had to work all day for the Japs, and when they came back from working the fields in the sweltering sun , they had to take care of their children, and try to feed them. Daily beatings were the order of the day. My mother was often black and blue, just because she had not seen a Japanese guard and had not bowed for him.The Japanese  tortured and raped them. My mother and my aunt, my mothers sister, where raped by these little yellow devils.For three and a half years they were used and locked up and abused. If a woman lost her sanity,because her child had died, she was taken away and never been seen again,she was of no use anymore to the Japanese.

Being a child of only 4 years old, it is really amazing that there are things,deep inside you, which won't go away.Some things you have seen, come back to you at the strangest moments. It's when you
look at your grandchildren, you think how lucky they are to live in a free world. It is very important that what our fathers and mothers and we as children had to undergo in world war 2 should never be forgotten. The men and women who fought in this war are soon all gone.Boys who  fought in world war 2, and survived, are now over  80 years old. It is up to the children now to keep these stories alive. Lots of sacrifices were made. That terrible bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the war.Millions of people were saved, it forced Japan to surrender. But what a destruction and what a scary thing to have. It could be the end of mankind.Lets just hope this bomb will never be in the hands of lunatic's. Lunatic's who think they can rule the world.Because that's what Hitler was 'a lunatic' and that's what  the Emperor Hirohito of Japan was. Hirohito never got prosecuted for all his crimes.He ordered all POWs, men, women and children to be liquidated, and the date was set for August 26,1945. Thank God the USA found out about this.They carried the quilt for dropping the A-bomb, but it saved hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people.

Now I come to the point, the year is 1971; how is it possible for the Netherlands to invite this Man 'Hirohito emperor of Japan' to come to the Palace and sit with the Queen at her table and have dinner .This man committed such barbaric crimes and here he is sitting at the Palace eating from beautiful dishes,eating with silver spoons, knives and forks, while he starved, tortured and killed thousands and thousands of men, women and children.I wish he had choked, right there at the table in front of the Queen.The year was 1971.
How must my mother have felt and all these women and men who survived this horrible ordeal in the Far East. This ruthless lunatic 'Emperor Hirohito of Japan' should have been hanged.I am not a person who is for the death penalty, but this barbaric man deserved it. When I understood what he had done to all these helpless women, men and children, and how they suffered and had to live with these nightmares the rest of their lives. My blood boils, when I think that our Queen Juliana from the Netherlands was sitting  with this murderer at the table, and while they were eating were chit chatting. It is beyond my understanding.A murderer who gave the order to murder all men and helpless women and children and had the quilt on his shoulders for murdering hundreds and thousands of men and women.He was ruthless, he had no shoulders where the quilt must have weigh him down, he had no remorse, he was a two faced son of a bitch.
A protest verse from a well-known cabaret performer, Wim Kan, from the Netherlands, sums it all up. He worked as a slave on the Burma railroad tracks.He and his wife Corrie Vonk, lived in Bandoeng. His wife was in Japanese prison camp, and Wim worked along side my father on that terrible railroad track. My mother knew them from Indonesia. We all lived in Bandoeng, on the island of Java.Wim Kan was so god -damned mad!It was beyond his understanding.
Wim Kan

The Netherlands, October 8,1971. Hirohito from Japan arrives at Amsterdam airport. It is a very cold reception by the Dutch people. The visit is a big fiasco. The emperor is being driven quickly through the country. The Dutch people are staying away from the route and in some places he gets treated with car horns concerts. In Rijswijk somebody throws a thermos bottle through the window of Hirohito's car.(.....) Big rocks are thrown through the windows of the Japanese Embassy. " Hirohito war criminal" is written with chalk on the walls. He is made out to be a Murderer and named Hitler no. 2.
One man tries to give him a smack on the head. Japanese flags are being burned and people are spitting on them. The car from the emperor is even assailed. The press, who is present, is perplexed.!!

After Hirohito departs from the Netherlands Wim Kan speaks at the airport with two Japanese Journalists. They are very outrage, about the treatment their emperor received and see Wim Kan as the instigator from all this commotion. Wim Kan explained that it was not him who organized this violence, and  offered to one of the Japanese journalist, while he was very emotional ,a copy of his diary about his days on the Burma railroad tracks.There happened one more  row against the journalist from Japan and Wim Kan is the scapegoat.

The married couple Wim Kan and Corrie Vonk, threw their East-Asian resistance stars in the Westereinder plassen. (Lake)
They were so mad at the Dutch Government and so disappointed, they were in disbelieve.How could the Queen invite a murderer, no...a barbaric murderer into the Palace.Wim Kan became very emotional and thought about all his comrades he left behind in the jungle. The men who were tortured and starved to death by the emperor of Japan, and now he was here, well and alive in a nice suit with a wicked smile on his face, sitting in the Palace, while thousands of Wim's countrymen were laying in a jute sack, somewhere in a stinking hole in the ground along side the railroad tracks on the River Kwai.

Wim Kan starts to write a protest verse; 'there are not many people anymore alive!' in which song the Emperor is being accused for his role in Burma. This verse is not being accepted by record company Phonogram  (ownership of Philips). They were afraid to hurt their investments in Japan.

Wim Kan breaks his contract with Phonogram and a single came out by Imperial.

Wim Kan passed away on September 8 1983, suddenly. He had stomach cancer,exactly 40 years after my father passed away on that terrible rail road track.Corrie Vonk his wife passed away in 1988.

This is the verse he wrote.

There are not many people alive anymore!

There are not many people alive anymore, who were there
The enemy killed about 1/3 of them
They sleep in a jute sack, and the sky is their roof
The camps are abandoned and the prison cells empty
There are not many people anymore who can tell

Only the dead know, what happened on that railroad track
And under every sleeper is lying one
There in the ground in Burma, their mouth shut till eternity,
What happened here, he could never have predicted
There are not many people anymore who can tell

Those are the ones who know from then; the three Pagoden pas
The death railway at Rangoon, escape, how is that
You were murdered, without being heard, at the Emperor command
But who likes to spread this still around?
There are not many people alive anymore who can

There is however still one who can tell
Who knows the history as no one else..'the emperor of Japan!
He was not hung but came to the palace and ate from a dish
Someone could have asked him questions about that time in Burma
At the railroad tracks, with all those deaths,and sick, and hunger
and those prison cells.

What an opportunity he had
While he ate
To tell them how it was.

Dutch government bow for Hirohito the biggest murderer of world war 2.Oct.8,1971.; My mother was in disbelieve., and so were thousands of people.
My mother and her sister received many beatings from the Japanese during ww2. They once were so severely beaten that that it was a miracle that they survived.My cousin and I, we were only three and four years old at the time, forgot to bow, we had waved at them instead. Our mothers had to pay for that dearly, almost with their lives.
Too bad Hitler could not join them.

This picture makes me sick...I feel they betrayed my Dad who fought for his country and died for his country! Queen Juliana and Klaus welcome a murderer at the Palace.I feel very sad .My heart aches for my mother, what was she thinking when she saw this all over the news.She must have felt like a nobody...I wonder if Hitler had been alive....would the Queen have invited him to the Palace too?

TV NOS news with Wim Kan and Corrie Vonk.Wim Kan was fuming.

Not many people who were there, are still alive. Book from Wim Kan.The arrival of the Emperor of Japan.

                                                           How betrayed they felt.

While denialists maintain that Hirohito was a man of peaceful intentions who was manipulated by wicked advisers. The emperor personally authorized assassinations, was fully aware of medical experimentation on prisoners of war, and personally approved the policy of systematic looting of Asia. As Hoshina Naoki, head of the imperial heroin monopoly, reminded the emperor at a meeting of the Imperial Headquarters Liaison Conference: "There are no restrictions on us. We can do anything we want." see and read Fukuoka POW Camp page 35.
It has taken Holocaust victims nearly six decades to recover assets stolen by the Nazis and hidden by Swiss banks, and to win compensation of slave labor at German companies like Volkswagen and Bertelsman.
This success has encouraged victims of Japanese aggression to come forth with valid demands for similar compensation. But these victims of Japan are being stonewalled by their governments.It's a disgrace! I cannot describe my feelings.The government of Holland betrayed their own people. It really saddens me.
 I cannot possible understand how the survivors must have felt when they saw these theatrical actions by the Queen.It makes me want to throw up.
                                          Photographs. Reminders of that violent past.
Only the dead know what happened here, because not many are alive today.
Kuie,(Kuie Yae) where my father was buried, on the side of the railway tracks.
A grave in the middle of the jungle.
Kui , my fathers remains were transferred after the war to Kanchanaburi, where he is resting with his comrades.

Since the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty  in 1951, these victims have been denied all rights to compensation. The Treaty falsely declared that Japan was unable to pay significant reparations because the country was bankrupt by the war.
Many books have been published about Nazi looting and economic conspiracy, records of Japan's looting and economic conspiracy have been removed from Western archives and remain under secret classification. Millions of victims who were robbed, enslaved and abused by the Japanese cannot get records on what they know to have happened to them. Read GOLD WARRIORS by the Seagraves exclusively available at Seagraves have uncovered one of the biggest secrets of the Twentieth Century......

The fighting in Europe was at his fierce around the end of 1944 beginning of 1945 in the Netherlands,  and my husband was 4 years old. He remembers that one evening he did not like to stay in his bed, and walked down the stairs and cried and cried. His mother did not know why he was crying and thought he must have had a bad dream, because he told her that there was something in his bed.She took him upstairs again to his bed and to her biggest surprise their was a burn mark and a bullet in his bed.It must have entered through the open window. He was lucky to be alive.
He can remember very vividly, standing with his grand father in a park and seeing hundreds of fighter  planes going over his head.As of today he can still hear the sound.This must have made a big impression on him.As a child of only 4 or 5 years old you do not know what is going on, but somehow you feel something important is happening, which makes you never forget that moment.

My husband was born in Zandvoort the Netherlands. Zandvoort is a big tourist place. It is lying on the North sea, a big beach place. Before world war 2 important people stayed in Zandvoort during the summer months. "Sissi" the Austrian princess.( remember the movie with "Romy Schneider") spend time in Zandvoort quite often.

When the Germans occupied the Netherlands they build all these bunkers along side the beaches of Holland.Across the North Sea from Holland lies England.
Everybody always biked passed this bunker on the blvd. on their way to Zandvoort to Riche Bad,( a swimming pool on the beach)
the beach in Zandvoort during world war 2

Another bunker on the Zeeweg, through the dunes near the beach.

In order to strike a decisive blow against Nazi Germany, the Americans planned to concentrate Allied power in England and then launch a drive across the English Channel into mainland Europe.
Early in 1942 plans were made for such a cross-channel operation, to take place in April 1943, and possibly as early as September 1942. The British, with some reluctance, agreed to the plan"in principle" in April 1942, whereupon the Americans began to pour supplies and troops into the United Kingdom.
In the end, the cross-channel attack did not happen until 1944.
In June 1944, the Allies had accumulated in Great Britain the largest number of men and the greatest amount of material ever assembled to launch and sustain an attack. D-Day was June 6,1944
In December 1944, Hitler made an ambitious last-ditch effort to halt the Allied advance. America suffered about 75.000 casualties in The Battle of the Bulge. Germany suffered close to 100.000 casualties.

In late April 1945 the Soviets reached Berlin. Hitler killed himself and the last of the German resistance gave up a few days later. Mussolini had been killed by Italian partisans on April 28 1945 while trying to escape into Switzerland.

May 8,1945 was declared V-E Day.


  1. Hi! The first photo you have posted after "Photographs. Reminders of that violent past" is of my grandfather from my mothers side. My Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother and Uncle all lived in the prison camps in the DEI during WW 2. I can send you a better scan of the picture, and a portrait of my grandfather. I also have some painting he made during the war of the camps.

  2. Wow, that's unbelievable. Just came back from The Netherlands and England. Was able to join the demonstration. Met some interesting people. Many had some stories to tell. Would like to receive a better scan of the picture. That would be very nice.

  3. Hi- Do you have an email address I can use to send it to you? Regards,


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