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Friday, May 28, 2010

I like to know if anybody knows these people?

I am inserting some pictures from my mother, from her time in Indonesia. I like to know if somebody out there would recognize somebody on these pictures.Have they survived the Japanese Camps?

Klaas van der Wal on the left, my mom Sietske on the right.
Sietske my mom third from the left, my father Klaas on the right.
Eke van Driel-Sijtsma and Elizabethvan Vaas-Thiel, Soerabaja.
My father Klaas van der Wal, second from the left. Who are the others? Did they survive the Japanese prison camps?

My mother Sietske on the right in front of her house, Tjikoerailaan 7, Bandoeng. Who are the others? My mom was 5 months pregnant .

My father on the left, Klaas van der Wal. Who is the other man? This pic. is taken when they still were in Holland. This is Leeuwarden.

If anybody recognize somebody, please let me know. You can e-mail me:
or leave a message on my blog.


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