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Friday, January 6, 2012

Reminders of a violent past.

Next Tuesday the 10th of January; the 206th petition will be handed over to the ambassador of Japan.This demonstration is being held every second Tuesday of the month in the city of The Hague in the Netherlands in front of the Japanese embassy. Last year May I was honored to be there with my husband, my sister in law, and my cousin Toby van Driel ,who lost her father , just like me in the war against Japan and had spend her first 31/2 years with her mother(my mother's sister)like my mother and I in Japanese prison camps.
I will think about you all.In my thoughts I will be standing there with you in front of the Japanese Embassy.
mevr. E. van Kampen and I, in front of the Japanese embassy
mevr.E. van Kampen and my husband Ruud.

from left to right;Thea, Elizabeth and my cousin Toby at the demonstration in May, 2011.

Reminders of a violent past.
Slavery, Mass Murder, Torture, Lies, Misinformation and Human misery all over the Globe.
This was my father's first resting place in Kui Yae, along side the Death railway. His remains were transferred after the war to the Cemetery in Kanchanaburi in Thailand.

The issue of Japan's compensation for all the atrocities they inflicted on human beings is still an issue.
Whereas the government of Germany has formally apologized to the victims of the Holocaust and has gone to great lengths to provide financial compensation to the victims and to provide for their needs and recovery; the Government of Japan has refused to fully acknowledge the crimes it committed during World War II and to reparations to its victims.Why is this? How is it possible to get away with this?How is it possible for a country so destroyed by war to recover so quickly after the war.
After the Peace Treaty was signed by 48 nations, Japan quickly recovered. Japan ends up better of after the war then they had been before the war. They bow and smile and they keep smiling, but beware!!!
This country was led by a ruthless emperor Hirohito,the entire Royal family was linked to the largest gangster family.The whole world wanted to see this family trialed for their war atrocities.They were war criminals, and every single member of this family was never punished.
How come? Well read the rest of my story.

During WWII the Japanese Imperial Army systematically looted all the conquered Asian countries of their national treasures.(gold, silver, precious stones/gems, golden statues, diamonds, etc.etc.)

General Mac'Arthur learns about these treasures and the United States made a secret deal with Hirohito.
These looted treasures were worth over $100 billion.
So a deal was made and all these Royal Family war criminals go free.Now the US had to start an image make over for all the leaders in Japan, and all of these war criminals went right back into the government of Japan.They were made out as innocent and peace full people, who had been puppets on a string.This propaganda did it's job, as long as the media helped. What a betrayal and how well this was staged...    "What good fortune for governments, that the people do not think".That's what Hitler said. But I am glad that he was not right, because no matter how long it will take the truth will surface. 
They should have named the peace treaty the betrayal treaty, this treaty was signed by 48 countries.Thousands and thousands of their country men died,and so many suffered from the atrocities inflicted on them in the hands of these Japanese.Even after the war these men could never forget.They suffered from war traumas.

In 1941 it became impossible for the Japanese to transfer the bullion to Japan by ship due to submarine activity in the South China Sea. So much of the treasures were hidden in the Phillippines by Prins Chichibu in tunnels and caves.Golden Lily was the code name given to a project instigated by the Japanese Imperial family.For the next two and a half years deep caverns and intricate tunnel networks were dug by prisoners of war to store the treasure. When each site was completed, the prisoners were either murdered or buried alive with the treasure.Even their own Japanese soldiers, who were guards, were killed.The Emperor motto:
Steal all,Burn all, kill all. 
How can one forget all.

Prince's Takeda,( Hirohito's cousin) and Chicibu,(the younger brother of Hirohito), were sealing of the tunnels and over seeing the final inventory of the treasure sites.100 billions of dollars were laying in Tokyo Bay and are deposited in banks all around the world. These ships were sunk on purpose and all Japanese men on board were shot by their own people as they tried to climb on board of these submarines.

After the war American intelligence agents tortured the driver of General Yamashita and discovered the locations of 12 major sites. Instead of returning the treasures to its rightful owners the American government kept the recoveries secret..They used the precious metals to fight communism called the "Black Eagle Trust"  and set up funds in multiple international bank accounts.
The Vatican were involved as well as the gold filled their bank accounts and further enabled the brainwashing of billions of so called Christians.What fools we are.

The Japanese made recoveries in secret as well. In the mid 80's they came back to the Philippines and under guise of friendship they built parks, roads, and schools. Buying various plots of land for corporate exploitation they were able to recover portions of the Lily at their convenience.Ships sunk by the Japanese in the Tokyo Bay were relocated and the loot brought to the surface.

In the book of Sterling and Peggy Seagrave;

They expose the extent to which Washington and Tokyo collaborated to keep this secret and deceive the world into thinking the fighting had left Japan too poor to compensate its victims meaningfully. It also reveals that people involved in Hirohito's exoneration of war crimes including General MacArthur and former US president Herbert Hoover-walked away from the occupation with huge amounts of gold. Gold bullion were deposited in 176 banks in 42 countries.

In 1954 The Bilderberg group held its first meeting. The Bilderberg group was founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and former officer in the SS. Bernhard had also worked in I.G Farben's notorious NW7 group, which served as spies for the Third Reich.Bernard was appointed to govern the Dutch order in 1954. John Foster Dulles was reported to have been one of the most helpful Americans in establishing the Bilderberg group. In 1954 Dulles testified in favor of a bill designed to return vested enemy assets to their previous owners....... and did it?????The Bilder group had several members of the intelligence community associated with it.Sir Collin Gubbins, Britain's wartime SOE head, was a founding member. Walter Bedell Smith was a co-chairman of the group in the US.

I can go on and on, it is mind buggling, what I have read.
Read; gold.grey

 Over the years, numerous right wing groups have aided and abetted the CIA by laundering plundered items from the Golden Lily.

England gold reserve's were extremely low before the war. The war had been an additional drain on those reserves. However in 1954, just nine years short of the end of the war, England acquired enough supply of gold to reopen the bullion market.??????

Some of the money of this bounty ended up lining the pockets of Hoover and MacArthur.

Millions of war victims went without any form of compensation to this day.

When Herbert Hoover died, his son had to get permission from the America Treasury to sell US$100 million in gold bullion that was in his father's bank account.
General MacArthur had an account with millions of dollars in it at the Hong Kong branch of the Sanwa Bank. He held this account jointly with the emperor Hirohito of Japan.

If that isn't collusion at the highest level.......

These are only a few excerpts from the book.

Please read the book from the Seagraves; GOLD WARRIORS. .

The sad part is that all these people, so cruelly treated, and those who have been deformed, during the terrible war with Japan, were simply cheated; very often by their own governments.

I hope that a day will come that the war victims or their descendants will get what they should have had all along, which is;

I hope my father and my mother are resting in peace.

I am very grateful that they do not know about this.

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  1. Hi Thea ~ this is 劉 あい from Facebook.According to one American documentary film that I watched on Public Broadcast Channel some years ago ~ Great British negoatiaed with US ~ traded some Caribbean islands ( now US Virgin Islands ) for their military support.We ordinary folks don't always know how secret deals made between nation leaders and world empire power brokers + war financiers.


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