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Friday, January 6, 2012

Hirohito&Asia's Stolen Treasures:

Japanese Atrocities: Why the world forgot all.

  World War 2 slave labor.

 What do Hitler and Hirohito have in common.   They were both romantic warlike idiots.
Accept, Hirohito got away with it.

Hirohito Mastermind of Japanese involvement in World War 2. Hitler Mastermind of German involvement in World War 2.
Hitler war criminal.He committed suicide after the defeat.

Hirohito war criminal.In the eyes of countless Japanese the Empire of the sun could never be conquered. Defeat was literally unthinkable.

Just as involved in the Pacific War as Hitler was in Europe, Hirohito worked behind the chrysanthemum curtain, and.......survived!
The West blinded by his brilliance was unable to see his murky shadows. Like a God he showed only the ivory side of his personality for the morals to see. Japan's....Holy Ghost!.

Read the book: Japan's Imperial Conspiracy.
author: David Bergamini.
published by Heinemann in 1971, London
or by: William Morrow, New York.

At the end of the war 28 men were charged with war crimes, and among them seven were hanged by the Allies after a two year trial. The seven were: Hideki Tojo, Seishiro Itagaki, Kenji Doihara, Koki Hirota, Heitaro Kimura, Akira Muto, Iwane Matsui.
The Australian, New Zealand, Dutch and Chinese officials had all agreed that the emperor Hirohito was the mastermind of Japanese involvement in the war, and should head any list of Japanese criminals responsible for the war. They later bowed to a decision by General MacArthur to use Hirohito for rehabilitation of Japan, rather than try him as a criminal.

Therefore it was not surprising that when the Tokyo Trial started, Hirohito and his imperial family ( all criminals, Japanese mafia) were off-limits to war crime prosecutors.

This is what I have to ad:

Too bad for Hitler, who was involved in Europe, committed suicide after the war. He would have been just like the emperor of Japan put on a pedestal. Like the emperor Hirohito he would have been made out as a passive, withdrawn individual, who was kept inadequately informed of his government's decisions and was in any case, unable to control the military.  Hitler would have been made out as the symbol of German patriotism but did not exercise any power of his own, merely ratifying the decisions of his ministers, just like Hirohito was made out to be.

I can hear Hitler say beyond his grave:" How stupid of me to commit suicide.

Hirohito like Hitler were romantic warlike idiots.

A Wise One We Need!

In a world where many see human life as cheap
The mothers for their dead off springs weep
Car and suicide bombers and bombs dropped from the sky
The victims of war by the hour multiply.

Though wars of the past with sadness we may recall
From the lessons of war we've not learned at all
We still give power to those who see war as okay
Who sends the troops to battle in lands far away.

The latest declared war, was based on a lie
How many more people in war zones must die?
The price of every war victory and war memorial parade
In human blood and loss of human life paid.

Due to Religion and Culture and National Pride
In terrorism and war far too many have died
We give power to idiots a wise one we need
A wise one to war us never would lead. 

Francis Dungan.

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