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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today Novemeber 11, 11 am, we will be silent for 2 minutes.

Today we will remember.
World War 2 took away my father. A Dad I never got to know. I was only two and half years old when he died and he was only twenty six. I only have one picture where he cradles me in his arms. He looked so proud and so happy.A picture he had send home to his parents. I am lucky to have this photograph.

My Father died a horrible death as a POW of the Japanese, working as a slave laborer, building a railroad through the jungles of Thailand.It has been 69 years ago, the year was 1943, the date was the 18th of September.
In 1946 they found his remains, buried in the jungle of Thailand, alongside the railroad tracks. His remains were transferred to Kanchanaburi, where he was laid to rest at the Memorial Grave site.For every sleeper laid on this infamous railway, a soldier died, under the most horrendous conditions.

Rest in peace.

Today wreaths are laid all over the world to commemorate the fallen soldiers.
A wreath is a foliage of woven bay laurel tree leaves. It has been a symbol of both, 'Victory' and 'Death'.

My cousin Jacoby wrote this beautiful story of my mother, who suffered tremendously under the regime of the Japanese during WW2.

Tante Siets-Wife-Mother-Daughter and sister-Indonesia.

We did not understand the horror you went through,until your daughter Thea had the courage to write a book, 'I Thought You Should Know'.
Fate made you our Aunt and Thea our cousin and therefore we have thousands of memories as a family. You are often spoken about in our telephone conversations, your courage to go on and your spirit, the enemy could not break. Lovingly remembered Tante
Siets,and forever in our hearts.
Your nieces Leni and Cobi and nephew Wim.

Thank you Cobi for your beautiful words, I was overwhelmed of emotion.My mother was an enormous strong women. She will be forever remembered. Love you Mom.

Language of flowers;
Did you know that a white carnations means remembrance.This flower is for you Mom and Dad and for my Step-Dad, who was a wonderful Father to me. Fate crossed our path, when we met you on the ship ' the Boschfontein', which took us away from Indonesia in April, 1946.

                                            I will forever remember you all!

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