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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A dreadful day in my life.

It was 2003, February 12, 2003. I was on my way to the airport in Manchester to catch my flight to Jamaica.I had traveled to England to be with my daughter and grandchildren.Wayne, my son in law and Monique had moved from Jamaica to England, where they had been working with us for 10 years.I had traveled from Jamaica, where at the time my husband and I were working and owned four Dive shops on the island and a sand pump business.
Wayne and Monique had bought a house in Askum-in-Furness and were moving on February 1, 2003. Because Wayne was working in Saudi, and was not home at the time of their move, I decided to give my daughter a hand with the move and stepped on a plane.
On February 12 I traveled back to Jamaica. Monique dropped me of at the airport in Manchester and I checked in. When it was my turn to get my boarding pass the lady at the counter looked at me a little strange and told me that she was not able to check me in. I asked her why? Is there a problem? She told me I had to phone my girlfriend Sheena Hartley,who lived in Camebridge at the time.
I said to the lady, well can't you book me in first and then I call her. She told me she could not do that. I started to argue with her and she called a supervisor. He pulled me aside and told me to please do not argue and call your girlfriend first. Your girlfriend insisted we do not book you on this flight back to Jamaica until you have spoken to her. I could not understand why? He guided me to a telephone and he stood there watching me.I thought it was all a bit strange. Had no idea what it was all about. The phone was ringing in my girlfriends house and she picked it up immediately.I said to her; "Sheena what is this all about, they won't let me on the plane". I could not believe what she was telling me. She had tried to catch me at my daughters house, but we had left already to the airport". She told me that my mother had a terrible fall and was dying, so everything was arranged and they would guide me to a plane to Amsterdam, The Netherlands instead of Montego Bay Jamaica'. I was stunned and the tears were rolling down my cheeks.I could not believe what I was hearing.The supervisor was waiting for me while I was on the phone. He took me to a special desk where my tickets were changed. I was in shock. People at the airport were looking at me, as if I was caught smuggling or something.Apparently my brother had been able to get a hold of my girlfriend and had asked to try to catch me at the airport so I did not fly to Jamaica while I was in Manchester.Never in my life did I feel so lonely on that airport in Manchester. That feeling of being so utterly helpless.I arrived at 8 0'clock at night in Amsterdam and my brother was waiting for me at the Amsterdam airport. I am forever grateful that the people at the airport in Manchester had gone out of their way so I could be on time to say goodbye to my mother.My mother passed away on February 14, 2003 on Valentines day, two days after I heard this horrible news at the airport in Manchester, England.
We buried our dear mother on February 19, 2003. She was cremated in Velsen, Duin en Kruidenbergerweg, te Driehuis (Velsen)
My mothers wish was granted she liked to have her ashes to be spread out in the Dunes. She is resting in peace at her most favorite spot between blackberry bushes.Whenever it was that time of year that the black berries were in season, you could find my mother in the dunes. She made the best blackberry sauce and jam.
Rest in Peace....We will always remember you!

Morning glory in the Dunes, Zandvoort, The Netherlands.

Early morning, see the fox on the right.

Evening falls over the dunes in Zandvoort.Ruud and I love biking through the dunes. There are numerous bike paths and you can bike from one town to the next. The paths are for bicycles only.
It is so very peaceful and I can understand why my mother liked it so much.
I always go to the spot where we spread her ashes nine years ago. The blackberries are growing in abundance. I think she is taking good care of them.It is a beautiful spot and so quiet.
Every where in the Dunes in Zandvoort you will always see a deer.There also are living lots of rabits. You always will see them.

I know my mother is very happy and in a place she loves. When we are riding our bikes through the dunes, I always feel that she is with me, and I smile.

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