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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The World looks the other way.

It's very sad that the World stood by and let West New Guinea place under the control of the Republic of Indonesia.
West New Guinea (West Irian) Indonesia
Now the West Papuans are living under Indonesian Military Control,and are experiencing ongoing political oppression.
The United Nations refusal to recognize the West Papuans as a colonized indigenous people has rendered West Papuans 'right less' under the rule of Indonesia.

The Indonesia government continues to violate the basic human rights of West Papuans.It is sad that the West Papuans are deprived of their land.

Do we forget that the troops during World War II, were escorted by these same people, while they were injured,and carried out of the jungle down the Kokoda trail?
In the year 1942, during the Pacific invasion, the Japanese had built up a force of 13,500 in the Gona region of Papua with the intention of invading Port Moresby.

The "Fuzzy Wuzzy"was originally used by the British soldiers in the 19th century as a name for their hairstyles. They named them "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels"for their frizzy hair and helpful role.

An Australian soldier gets help from a Papua man.
They carried stretchers over seemingly impassable barriers, with the patient reasonable comfortable. The care they give to the patient was magnificent. At night they would build a shelter over the patient. They fetched him water and fed them if food was available, regardless of their own needs. They would give instantly attention to the wounded soldier if the patient moved or required attention. during the night.
These deeds were done by the "Wuzzy Wuzzy Angels"--for us!"

No known injured soldier that was still alive was ever abandoned by the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angles, even during heavy combat.

Now the World has turned it's back on them.They like to be Free and like to be Independent.
This Memorial Statue stands in Australia.

1961. A West Papua Council was elected, a national anthem composed and a flag designed and 1970 set as the date for West Papua to be Independent.

The United Nations is the ultimate organ of arbitration for nations in dispute and is dedicated to the granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and peoples.

Why did Indonesian delegates in September 1966, had no intention of allowing a referendum that would permit "freedom of choice"by the naive Papuan.? The referendum regarding the ultimate free choice of the inhabitants?

This Nation is losing it's identity.Wouldn't that be a shame!!!!


A famous poem by Sapper Bert Beros which illustrates the effort shown by the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels:

Many a mother in Australia
when the busy day is done,
Sends a prayer to the Almighty
for the keeping of her son;
Asking that an Angel guide him
and bring him safely back-
Now we see those prayers are answered
on the Owen Stanley track.

For they haven't any halos
only holes slashed through the ear
And their faces worked by tattoos
with scratch pins in their hair:
Bringing back the badly wounded
just as steady as a horse,
Using leaves to keep the rain off
and as gentle as a nurse

Slow and careful in bad places
on the awful mountain track
The look upon their faces
Would make you think that Christ was black
Not a move to hurt the wounded
as they treat him like a saint
It's a picture worth recording
that an artist's yet to paint

Many a lad will see his mother
and husbands see their wives
Just because the fuzzy wuzzy
carried them to save their lives
From mortar bombs and machine gun fire
or chance surprise attacks
To the safety and the care of doctors
at the bottom of the track

May the mothers of Australia
when they offer up a prayer.
Mention these impromptu angels
with their fuzzy wuzzy hair

Christmas in Buna Papua New Guinea with the Wuzzy Angels, 1944.

West Papua New Guinea culture is being systematically destroyed. This includes their unique cultural practices, languages, and livelihoods that are in complete contrast to Indonesian (Javanese) culture.

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