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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Frans Timmermans

My friend Elizabeth van Kampen shared this article on face book with me.See below the article; Meet Frans Timmermans.

I hope Frans Timmermans will fight for the human rights for the people who were in Japanese prison camps during World War2 and suffered tremendously, even after their return in The Netherlands. These are the Dutch-Indies people who were never recognized and never got compensation like the Dutch people from Holland and the Jews.They were the once uprooted from Indonesia where they had build up their businesses, arriving in The Netherlands after the war and during the 'Bersiap',(Indonesian National Revolution)a time when it was not safe for anybody who had Dutch blood, with only the clothes on their backs.They had to rebuild their lives with no help at all. Leaving behind their houses, their businesses and many of them their loved ones who had been killed during that time in Indonesia.
When The Netherlands refused to recognize the Dutch Indies independence after World War 2 , the Bersiap period broke out. The Dutch who had just been freed from the Japanese occupancy had to return to the camps.If The Netherlands only had recognized the Independence of  Indonesia, it would probably not have turned out into a blood bath.The fighting lasted til well into1949, when The Netherlands was forced to sign the Dutch East Indies as an Independent country. Indonesia fighting against the forces of The Netherlands until the latter official acknowledged Indonesia independence in 1949.
The Netherlands protest, they want peace with Indonesia.

It was not until 2005 that The Netherlands officially accepted August 17, 1945 as Indonesia's official date of Independence. Many Dutch died during the 'Bersiap' time and were forced to leave this country where they were born and which they loved so much, leaving everything behind.Never received compensation from Japan, and not from their own country the Netherlands.We question Japan's status on Human Rights at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. We urged the Human Rights Council to advise Japan to come forward with an honorable settlement of its moral obligations.We are also questioning the Netherlands why our parents never received their pack pay.It was due to the Netherlands refusal to recognize the Dutch Indies as an independent state that we were forced to leave this country, which was a Colony of the Netherlands for 300 years.The Netherlands has neglected the Dutch-Indies people for 67 years. We are still waiting for settlement of wages, pensions and the so called 'Backpay". Is it not time to come clean with the past? We are question your status on Human Rights, just as we question Japan's status on the human atrocities they inflicted and the rapes on innocent defenseless women, like my mother and her sister.
On top of the gang-plank my mother and I.It was March 30,1946 leaving Indonesia with only one suitcase.

Here follows the article.

Meet Frans Timmermans 
by Frans Timmermans:

Having Max van der Stoel as a political father and as an inspirer, Frans Timmermans would like to strengthen the position in the international arena and promote human rights.
Frans Timmermans

What was your previous job?
In my previous job I was a member of parliament for the PvdA and in my portfolio I was involved in Foreign Affairs.

Who or what motivates you in politics? Who is your inspiration?
It will come as no surprise to many that my biggest inspiration has been my political father Max van der Stoel. There is no Dutchman since World War 11 who has played a greater role in international diplomacy than Van der Stoel. He carries an important part of our corporate philosophy, our conscience, our dreams of a more justified future for everyone, regardless of their backfround or the circumstances in which they live. I am the second Foreign Minister of Labor house and feel greatly honored that I may enter in his footsteps.

What is your ambition? What are your coals?
I find it very important that the position of the Netherlands in the world is strengthened because our economic growth, we must get from exports. At the same time it is important that the Netherlands again is mainstreamed into all kinds of international developments. It will be necessary for human rights around the world to be promoted. The promotion of human rights leads not only to improve the lives of many millions of world citizens, it is a contribution to the strengthening of the rule of law and thus to international stability.

You previously have been minister. What are your coals exactly?

I was previously Secretary of State for European Affairs. In my new role as Minister of Foreign Affairs, the role of the European portfolio will be under my care as well. Like I was Secretary of State, I will strengthen ties with my European Colleagues, which is more than necessary at this time.

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