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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tokyo's anti-nuclear Protestors remembering WW2.

Japanese nuclear demonstrators on Friday recounted the horror of World War Two, days after the region marked Tokyo's surrender nearly seven decades earlier.

The rally came after Japan on Wednesday marked the 67th anniversary of its surrender, which came after the United States dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I am sure these people do not realize that if it had not been for these bombs they would not have been able to demonstrate today.

I read one comment on this article and I totally agree.

What do nuclear Bombs have to do with nuclear energy? I am sorry I have to say; this is 100% ridiculous. I guess they should be protesting NASA and the Mars rover Curisotry, since it has a nuclear Radioisotope thermoelectric generator on board. I think they should protest X-Ray. Those use nuclear material function. Not to mention radiation treatment is used medically in the USA alone over 10 million times a year to heal people. This just shows how easy it is to lump things into a category to black and white terms. Hey, lets boycott smoke alarms too. They have nuclear materials in them. It's so easy to say; No Nukes. And by the way, if we did not drop the bombs, most of those Japanese people protesting would not even be here today to protest.We saved the lives of millions by not invading the mainland Kyushu and Honshu. Do people realize what would have happened if operation "Downfall" had taken place? Japanese people today don't realize that the Allies were two weeks away from launching an invasion three times the size of D-Day (Normandy France),and that was just for Kyushu the military machine of Japan during the war. Combined losses were estimated from 500,000 to 2 million. Another placed Japanese casualties at 5 to 9 million. Remind me again how many died from both bombs combined?? The USA had already made 500,000 purple hearts in anticipation of the half million troops it expected to loose. Oh, yes the bombs killed less than 200,000. Life is not black and white like these protestors make it. Are the bombs horrible, Yes, oh yeah. But what does saving lives through the use of the bombs have anything to do with nuclear energy power plants??(but not the mars nuclear powered mars rover?)

Lets get this right. These people are remembering the last few days of World War Two only, during which a large number of people were killed by two bombs. Remembering World War Two totally would involve remembering all the other , substantially more people killed, including those at the hands of Japanese military in Asia. When that happens more people and your government will have sympathy I am sure.

Lest we forget!

Japan seems to have forgotten about the atrocities and the many innocent people, women and children, they murdered during World War 2. Japan has never taken responsibility about their past. It's time that history is told. Japans Military barbaric behavior in World War two is not written in history books. They make it sound like they were the ones who suffered. It's time they except the blame and remove the shame!

Like one said, who was on the plane that dropped the bombs:"I try not to think about the people that got killed, I am thinking about the people that did not get killed."

Japan made many mistakes, one of them was attacking The United States. There was also the untold misery and atrocities inflicted on China, Hong Kong, Burma, Malaysia, India, The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Korea. This was done under the dubious auspices of liberating Asia from Western imperialism and has been described as an Asian Holocaust. Even Today, the only Asian Country that has significantly warm feelings toward Japan remains Taiwan.

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