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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here we go again!

China calls it their island .... Diaoyu

Japan calls it's theirs.... Senkaku.

Japan sneaks on land in the middle of the night to plant their flag, the flag which still has blood on it.

The problem is that Japan has a bad case of AMNESIA over what it did during the last 100 years. Problem is; the other 38 Asian Nations haven't forgotten what Japan did to them.....
It's not just China either, pick an Asian country and odds are Japan has claimed one of their islands as it's own.

I think Japan needs to consider some serious History lessons for its own people, about just exactly what they did during say, 1900 to about 1945, after that I think the Japanese them selves would realize how lucky they really are, to be living in a free and prosperious country, considering ALL the EVIL things they perpetrated on ALL of ASIA....

Again it goes back to this notion of Japanese Victim-Hood, which couldn't be farther from the truth....
I am by no means any fan of China, but I have to take their side as well as Korean's in these nonsensical island claims by Japan.

I agree totally with the above, which was one of the comments on the article "Japanese nationalists proud of isle landing".

I cannot believe they have not learned their history lessons.It's very scary.I will repeat again what George Santayana reminds us:
"Those who forget the past, are condemned to repeat it."

Lessons of history are invaluable.


by Win Rainer

How do we hand down the good things in life.
When sadness invades with so much strife,
There is away believe in ones self.
The ability to achieve but not in wealth,
Gather thy feelings of Love and Endure
A way of life that is more sure,
Nothing is easy be determined to try
Your legacy from the past will get you by.

A wife of a former POW prisoner of the Japanese.

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