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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What war is all about,

This poem I wrote Feb. 6 2011 and I had to put it on my blog.
War is human suffering

War is evil
War is the devil
War is about religions
War is between politicians
War brings destruction
War is not construction
War is depression
War is an obsession
War is fighting
War is killing
War is sorrow
War has no tomorrow
War is explosions
War is confusions
War is blood
War brings tears like a flood
War makes you cry
War makes you die
War is death all around
War makes you die in foreign ground
War is fire
War is not to admire!
War is creed
War is between different breed
War is cruel
War cost a lot of fuel
War is about amputations
War is about mutilations
War last forever
I wonder if it ends in Heaven
War is only release
For those who are killed
It means PEACE.

written by :Tetske T. van der Wal
War is about religion.
War is about crosses with many dead in the ground.
War is explosions.
War is people dying
War makes you cry!
War is destruction.

War has no winners...only sinners!

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