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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another very sad day and days to come in History.

It took me awhile to think about what I should write today about the terrible catastrophic earth-quake and tsunami in Japan.It is terrifying what mother nature can do.
As the people who read my blog know, I have been writing about world war2 and the Japanese prison camps my mother and I were in. How we suffered and how we are trying for 65 years to get justification from the atrocities Japan inflicted.Without success.

Today I read:Japan has exposed her soul to us, as she reels from this ongoing tragedy.

I sincerely hope they do.

I weep for the women, children and men, and feel very sad what has happened to them and I worry about the struggles they still have to overcome.
It is wonderful to see how people come together in disasters like this and no matter how they can help with money, food, manpower, they are ready to give a helping hand.

I however.. still struggle, how this Japanese Government has handled their atrocities they committed to human beings in world war2.They never took responsibility, to the destruction they caused and the immensely sufferings they committed to human beings. This time it is a war against mother nature, which is not to prevent. But human nature kicks in to help immediately , to help people in distress.

I hope the Government of Japan learns from this. Although I know that its younger generation is full of shame about their history.

I hope indeed that Japan has exposed her soul. They are now the ones to try to survive to overcome this disaster, as we tried to survive, during the war and after the war, which Japan brought on to us.Women, children and men have struggled with war trauma for 65 years. I sincerely hope that the women, children and men of Japan do not have to cope for 65 years with this trauma, which is brought upon them by mother nature. I hope they will not have nightmares for 65 years.It is tough enough to recuperate from nature's destruction, but it is even harder to recuperate from human atrocities and destruction.
We are in this world to help each other and not to fight each other, and kill each other.
Mother nature is very power full.It brings a lot of destruction, loss of  life, pain,and sorrow.
Then the unthinkable happens, it brings people together, no matter what language you speak, what religion you have,what color you are, all of a sudden the whole world comes together. Is mother nature trying to tell us something, that we should be living in freedom and tolerate one another!!!!!

Destruction by mother nature
Rays of hope.

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  1. Hi Thea ~ this is 劉 あい on Facebook.Controversial ultra-nationalist Japanese politican Shintaro Ishihara ( Mayor of Tokyo since 1999 ) said in reference to the " 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake " that the disaster was punishment from heaven because Japanese have become greedy ".This greed bounds with populism.These things need to be washed away with the Tsunami.For many years the heart of Japanese always bounded with devil.Japanese's identity is greed.We should avail of this tsunami to wash away this greed.I think this is a divine punishment.