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Friday, February 25, 2011

A poem dedicated to my mother and aunt and all the women who were in Japanese Prison Camp in the Dutch-East-Indies(Indonesia)

It's Friday February 25,2011.

This morning I got up, and it is snowing again.Done my shopping yesterday, so I do not have to go out. I don't like driving in the snow, but who does? I am always worried about my daughter in law, she has to drive to work every day for about an hour.Our children are always on our minds, no matter how old they are now, a mother always worry..I hope spring weather will be here soon.
Last night I tuned in on the news, and was sorry I did. What a mess in the world, fighting, earthquakes, floods, people dying.
Memories came flooding back, to a time so long ago.I feel for the people in LIBYA, who finally have had enough, and want to have a better life for their children.Freedom, a place to live, a place for happiness, a place for laughter, a place to work,a place for hope,a place to dream, a place to sit in a summers breeze.But as long as there are Fanatic's in Power, there will be this heavy blade. Young people have the right to live their life without a fight.How hard for a parent to tell their child "everything will be all right". They have the right to enjoy the beauty of the world.To see the sun come up every day. To see the sunsets every evening.

Rays of hope.


Many years have since past
But memories forever last.
Women, children in prison camps
Where nobody was able to give them a hand.
Put there by the Japanese regime
With soldiers who were so terrible mean.
Although it is so long ago
My mind goes back to 1944.
How our mothers shed their tears
In that hell for three and a halve years.
These Japanese were brutal and vicious
Cruel and heartless and twisted.
Endless roll calls just for fun
Everyday in the hot, hot sun

They screamed"KIOTSKAY!","KIRAY!",NOWRAY!"and waved their whips'
And our mothers knew better than to give them lip.
They kept their wits together
Because their children was all that matter.
When I am thinking about those years,
They come back with so much fear!
Swamped by misery, grief and pain,
They hoped God would hear his name.
They sang of his glory and begged to be heard,
They prayed and we pleaded, but never a word.
They reached for the last straw in despair,
And hoped somebody out there would care.
Why, oh why was it, no help came
They were pleading and called your name.
Why was it you let innocent children die?
My mother will never forget that you passed by.
There was thunder and lightning all around,
She was sure you would strike these Japs to the ground.
Our mothers were in so much agony, grief and pain,
They hoped for mercy, but it never came.
There in that horrible prison camp
"YOU" never offered a helping hand.
Most women lost their fate,
For thousands freedom came to late.
And when my time comes to face YOU,
I only have one question...WHY?????
Would YOU let innocent children die???

This poem written by: Tetske T. van der Wal. February 25, 2011.

"KIOTSKAY" (attention)"KIRAY"(bow)"NOWRAY"(stand up) The "NOWRAY" came usually after hours standing in the"KIRAY" position. When "NOWRAY" came it was hard to stand up strait.

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