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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beheading of Japanese hostages Petition;243

                                    FOUNDATION OF JAPANESE HONORARY DEBTS
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His Excellency Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of Japan

The Hague, 10 February 2015
Petition: 243
Subject: Beheading of Japanese hostages by ISIS


We are horrified by the beheading of the Japanese hostages by the Islamic State tyrants. We offer our condolences to the Japanese families and friends of the murdered hostages. They must be in a terrible state of fear, pain and anger. The video pictures showing the barbaric executions must hurt them deeply. The pictures prove ISIS merciless killing, underscoring their demands and use of terror. Families and friends of the victims will be traumatized by it forever. They will need support now and in the future in coping with the traumas. Their lives will never be the same again. The gruesome pictures of the beheading will never go away.


Prime Minister,

In our sympathy with the Japanese families we feel the pain and sorrow. Many of the surviving Dutch from the Dutch East Indies had comparable experiences. Japan has a history of similar terror whilst occupying and colonizing South East Asia. During that period public beheading was part of their barbaric rule. The Japanese military had no mercy during their regime of terror and abuse. Only after Japan's capitulation in 1945 did the survivors learn about the fate of their loved ones. They cannot forget the shock that their father, grandfather or son was beheaded by the Japanese military. Today's pictures remind them of that cruelty. I know from personal experience how it feels. After 70 years I still feel the pain and sorrow.

I hope that my father and grandfather will rest in peace, which was taken away so cruelly.

Prime Minister,

According to CNN and NHK you said: " We are deeply saddened by this despicable and horrendous act of terrorism and we denounce it in the strongest terms. To the terrorist, we will never, never forgive them for this act.''
For the Dutch whose relatives were killed in the same barbaric way it is still very hard to forgive the Japanese. So you see your recently expressed sentiments match ours. The fact that the Japanese government still denies any responsibility for these criminal acts during World War Two, leaving the victims families behind without condolences and sympathy, makes it even harder to forgive, let alone to forget.

More than ever the future of Japan lies in acknowledging its past and accepting full responsibility for that past.

Prime Minister,

In any event we hope that you will take responsibility in taking care of the families of the beheaded hostages. You cannot claim that the victims had no business to be there nor can you ignore Japan's responsibility to take care of the families of the beheaded . Demonstrate for once, in securing Japan's future, that you care and take responsibility now and for the past.

On behalf of the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts.

J.F. van Wagtendonk



This petition was handed over on February 10, 2015, to the Japanese Embassy in The Hague at our monthly demonstration, which takes place every second Tuesday of the month.

When I was typing this petition 243 on my blog, tears were streaming down my face.Back were the days when I heard my mother's screams in the night, being raped over and over again by these monsters, during our captivity in Moentilan on the island of Java. Her dreadful nightmares, returning night after night, being beaten and beaten again, being so afraid that the children would starve, wondering again and again if they ever would make it out alive. Seeing her friends one by one die, seeing them being tortured in front of their eyes. Yes Prime Minister Abe your fathers and forefathers, were like ISIS. How can one be so two faced as this Prime Minister of Japan, who keeps denying all the atrocities inflicted by Japan's former military.How can this Prime Minister worship those war criminals laying in the Shrine who did exactly what ISIS is doing now. BEHEADING, RAPING, BURNING AND BURYING PEOPLE ALIVE.Playing soccer with the heads of the beheaded, Spearing the heads on bamboo sticks and than displaying them for all to see. Yes Shinzo Abe, your former military played games, who could behead the most men in 20 minutes with their swords.The swords your former military liked to use on every occasion.Your former military even beheaded women for trying to steal some veggies from your former military vegetables patch.The vegetable patches which the women had to take care off, day in and day out, in the burning tropical sun, until they passed out.My mother and her sister would never forget how hot the sun was beating on their heads and how these  monsters used the backs of their swords on them if they stopped for a minute to catch their breaths,.Vegetables, which looked so delicious and which they would have liked to feed to their children, who were starving to death.Yes Prime minister Shinzo Abe, it now hits close to home, and it hurts, it hurts unbelievable. I hope you can feel the anger and feel the pain, like our mothers, fathers,children, and grandfathers were feeling. The pain and the anger still felt by the victims who are still alive today.

How can this Prime Minister say what he said on CNN and NHK, when this Japan has not cleaned their own barbaric past.Indeed Sinzo Abe, we can never forgive and never forget what those Japanese monsters did during WW2. How sorry and saddened I feel for the families of these Japanese hostages and how I feel the anger towards ISIS. this is exactly how I feel towards you Prime minister Shinzo Abe,How can one forgive a nation like Japan that cannot come to terms with their past, and how can one forgive and forget a nation like Japan that changes their history books, which is full of lies anyway.

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