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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Montly Demonstration. Petition:238

                                  FOUNDATION OF JAPANESE HONORARY DEBTS
                                                                                 NGO, Status Roster

His Excellency Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of Japan

The Hague, 9 September 2014
Subject: Honoring war criminals. how disgusting!!!


Your message sent to the annual ceremony honoring class A and other war criminals is truly disgusting! You appear to have no consideration for all the victims, Japanese and others, who suffered so badly from the atrocities caused by these war criminals. They induced the Imperial Army and their agents to bring terror and fear in the occupied territories and bullied their own people into war. Many of the survivors and the next of kin of those who died are shocked by your message.
How can you as a private person and as leader of the Liberal Democratic Party say that the war criminals
"sacrificed their souls to become the foundation of the fatherland"?

The people of Japan must now realize and recognize the true colors of their Prime Minister:
He honors Japan's convicted war criminals, forgets their atrocities, and glorifies them to cover up the role and activities of his ancestors. The Japanese citizens will realize that the war criminals are not "the foundation of modern Japan", but gives Japan a lasting bad name.
Prime Minister,

As Prime Minister you must take responsibility for your acts as a private person and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. You cannot but acknowledge Japan's past wrongdoings and stop backpedaling on former apologies. If not, Japan's stand in the world will continue to deteriorate and the young people of Japan will continue to be blamed for not knowing their country's history. Your so called peace agenda is wrought by the past and lacks repentance.

Germany's example in acknowledgement and apologies and reparations  for all its war crimes against its people, the Jews, Sinti and other Europeans, brought the respect and admiration.An honest apology recognized by the government and conveyed directly by the Prime Minister to the surviving victims and the next of kin will bring peace and better onternational relationships to Japan.
Respect must be earned and paid for!

Prime Minister
Accept in the long term interest of Japan and its people this responsibility.
Come to terms with the past!

On behalf of the Foundation of Honorary Debts,

J.F. van Wagtendonk


  Part of a message from our President J.F.van Wagtendonk,

                                         UNTIL WE ALL ARE DEAD. 

"Politics is a refractory phenomenon": Mr. van Wagtendonk says in a letter to our donors and to those who have sympathy for our cause.Our stories are like a gramophone-record, played over and over again,turning grey for the media..The matter of the former Dutch Indies is very difficult for them to understand. The moral responsibilities of Japan has been credulous taken on for granted, and has been dump founded put aside as a dossier "intractability". For us it is very frustrating, but we will never give up.
The moral responsibility of Japan, asked for understanding, when they hear about the physics and physical damage which the Dutch from the former Dutch-Indies experienced during the Japanese military occupancy.
Recognition, Excuses, and a compensation, is a very painful political question.For the Politicians in Power the daily problems are a priority, and losing face is a!And so we keep plugging along since the surrender of Japan in 1945. Nevertheless, the media is starting to react to the politics of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and are starting to question his principals.Politicians and well known persons like Angelina Jolie are asking the world and emphasize to the subject to better protect women in war situations.To batter integrity of the Kono Declaration, regarding the forced prostitution by the Japanese military, by the so called verification team.This lead to officially protest against their editorial commends.
Prime minister Abe Shinzo doesn't believe in organized forced prostitution of young women and girls to pleasure their Japanese military during their occupancy of many territories during World War Two.
We keep argue about their great injustice to Human Rights. We keep insisting about a moral recognition, excuses and a compensation from Japan. On the basis of the Yoshida-Stikker agreement, Japan can and must fulfill their Debt of Honor. Special now as the result of the San Francisco treaty, they have the means to honor their individual war damage.
We will not give up,as long as we live.This unbreakable combination of Recognition, Excuses, and a Compensation can only come to an end through a final solution.
Mr. van Wagtendonk ends this message to wish that we should never give up hope, and that we can say one day:" we found peace and are able to bury the past".

J.F.van Wagtendonk,

I translated some of the segments from his message as best as I could, and would like to thank him for all the good work he has done over the years.


This Prime Minister Shinzo Abe doesn't seems to know its history of Japan. Maybe because he is ashamed of it. I hope the latter.
Prime Minister stop denying the atrocities your country, your military and agents, your Emperor Hirohito, brought to the world.
It was your country JAPAN who started it all. Your country brought destruction and sadness and anger in China, then your country attacked Pearl Harbor in a very sneaky way.Then your country attacked and occupied other territories. How many innocent people, like women and children were murdered and raped by your country Japan during that horrible time in World War Two.It was your country's military army who brought destruction all over Asia, with false pretenders to free Asia.That was a lie and the lies have since then never stopped. You and your government are still lying now. It will haunt you forever, and it will haunt your people.
To refresh one of the atrocities your military inflicted during the rampage of the occupancy of Manilla. Your military slaughtered thousands of women and children, before raping the women and young girls no older than 10. To refresh your memory and remind you of Japan's military past; 111.000 civilians alone were massacred in February 1945. That is an estimated 35.0000 more than either Nagasaki or Hiroshima.Inform your new generation about the real facts of World War Two. The new generation should be informed of these darkest hours in history. The whole city of Manilla bombed and burned beyond recognition. Its civilian population murdered, women raped and killed, people burned to death, and babies bayoneted by Japanese soldiers, ( no they were monsters who did this). Women mutilated, and people drowned. The Japanese military were told not to waste ammunition. This was a cold planned purpose of the Japanese high command. Certainly Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have never occurred.
Your military raped my mother and her sister, while they were helpless.All these women and children taken captive by your military were told that they were the property of the Emperor Hirohito of Japan. They were only numbers, my mothers was 546 and I being only four years old was 547.We had to obey by your rules, we were told we had no Homeland anymore and the flag we had to respect was the white flag with the red ball in the middle (The rising sun). Well my mother told me how all these women hated this flag, and all your people, in my mothers heart there was no sunshine, while the Japanese Officers raped her.. How your nation misinterpreted this flag.It should have been a flag with tears.We were looked upon as not being human beings. We were white thrash in the eyes of your military army.How my mother and her sister have suffered, not only during that horrible time when they were held captive in that Monastery in Moentilan but when the war was over and your military army capitulated, the victims suffered for the rest of their lives.
I will try with this blog to honor my mother, her sister, and all the women, children and men who suffered tremendous atrocities during your country's occupancy.It should never be forgotten how men can turn into monsters, pushed on by your Japanese government.Your military murdered my father and many of his friends.All what they wanted to do was protect their country, from evil. And evil it was, what your country's military army did.I can and will not forget how my mother and her sister suffered the rest of their lives with nightmares, the nightmares in which they were raped over and over again,how they tried to protect their children from starving, how they were beaten in front their children's eyes and in all places in a church on the property of this Monastery Xavier college in Moentilan raped, on the island of Java.This place was Hell on earth, and the devils were your Japanese military brought up by your government.And you Prime Minister Abe Shinzo are honoring these monsters in the Shrine. Shame on you.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo;
This is only one of the lessons of history, which seemed to be forgotten by you and your government.

How can you as a Prime Minister not know about the history of your country Japan.How can you glorify these barbaric war criminals. How can your nation ever expect to be respected by the rest of the world.


Its time to accept the past, make it go away like Germany did. Prime Minister I ask you not to keep telling lies to your younger generation. Sooner or later they will find out and that's when you will be made out as the biggest Liar who ever was prime minister of Japan. 

                                                 LEST WE FORGET!

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