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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our monthly demonstration in The Hague.petition # 232

                                             FOUNDATION OF JAPANESE HONORARY DEBTS
                                                                                             NGO,STATUS ROSTER

His excellency Shinzo ABE
Prime Minister of Japan

The Hague, 11 March 2014
Petition: 232
Subject: Review of the 1993 Kono statement.

The world is astounded by your government's decision  to consider the so called Kono statement of 1993. According to your chief Cabinet Secretary evidence given by "comfort women" is to be re-examined.Much of the information given has been verified by many and proven to be correct. Whilst considering the evidence it is opportune also to consider the evidence taken by the 1946-1949 Temporal Military Tribunal of Batavia. 356 Japanese military and their civilian agents serving in Netherlands East Indies during its occupation were accused of war crimes. Of the accused 59 (more than 20%) were sentenced to death and subsequently executed. Only 27 (less than 10%) were acquitted.

Prime Minister,
Among the cases considered by the Tribunal was the so-called Semarang compulsory prostitution case. Officers of the Japanese army and their Japanese civilian agents were convicted for removing, under force and threat, young European girls and women from concentration camps, These girls and women were coerced into prostitution for Japanese officers. The victims made sworn statements that they were not volunteers, but were abused and forced by camp commanders, systematically raped and forced into sexual slavery for Japanese officers in specially organized "clubs".
The Tribunal punished the Japanese offenders severely including the death penalty and long prison sentences.

Prime Minister,
It would have been more courageous if you had taken the opportunity of the revision to personally announce that you would bring the "revised" Kono statement to the Diet for approval. Then you should widen the scope of the apology to include the brutal and unacceptable and unlawful behaviour of the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces in the occupied territories of South East Asia during World War Two. Failing to do so will continue to question the sincerity of Japan in recognizing its past and apologizing for its war crimes. It will worsen Japan's global moral standing, Japan must accept responsibility and face up to its past. It must make good what it had failed to do so far, for the survivors and the next of kin. An obvious and weak willed attempt to undermine the victims of your country's military will only add to Japan's further shame.

We would welcome an acknowledgement of the receipt of this petition by you personally.

On behalf of the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts,

J.F.van Wagtendonk


 This article I read on the website :
Japan's Democracy At Risk-Japan under the new ABE regime. 

For the past many months we have featured articles on the homepage regarding the sweeping changes taking place in Japan under the new LDP government of Shinzo Abe and his Right Wing extremists.

We have shown from reports and studies, first hand news accounts and references, how the Abe government wants to return to the extreme Right Wing policies of former times, how they want the so-called apologies made by the former prime ministers and renounce the previous stand on the :Comfort Women", now saying that that they were simply prostitutes and that they were necessary and that they were not coerced or forced by the Japanese military to perform services for the troops. They want to re-write Japan's pacifist constitution in order to make it possible for Japan to wage war again, and more alarmingly, they want to limit or abolish human rights and freedoms, so they can persecute those who differ with their opinion or who want to peacefully gather in protests. If one looks back at the history of the 20th Century, one can clearly see that these were also the polocies adopted and propagated by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis when they came to power 80 years ago in 1933!

Japan's new secrecy law will gag the media and limit Freedom of the Press...... 

Read the ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL report at-

http/ utm_campaign+China%27s+Connectivity+Revolution&utm_medium=email

Amongst us their will always be dictators like Hitler. Its sad but it seems like many of us forgot the past. I recently was in The Netherlands and one of my family members said: 'People should let go of the past , and forget.' This person is one of many people who are not interesting in history and mankind's history. These are the people who will  be condemned to repeat the past. Its very sad that they forgot how many died for them, so they are able to live in peace.These are the people who should see the thousands and thousands of crosses all over the world, with fallen soldiers who gave their life.These soldiers were not able to live their life to the fullest. They died for their country, fighting evil.Those who survived the war, had to live their lives with the terrible atrocities they had seen, with their buddies dying in their arms. Its something we should never forget, and should always be remembered and taught to our children. They should not have died in vain.

                                                           LEST WE FORGET!                                                                              

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