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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Netherlands, April 2013.Crowning of a new King.

Our flight left on April 29,2013 and we arrived in Amsterdam on April 30. This day was a special day in The Netherlands, because of  the crowning of a new King. The eldest son of Queen Beatrix, Willem-Alexander, is going to be crowned the new King.Queen Beatrix is retiring.
King Willem-Alexander with his wife and children.I hope your children will never be war victims.
I am dreaming, that during your Kingship the Dutch government stands behind their morals. That justice will be done to them who deserve justice. Do one right, give them their due, no matter where they lived in the past, like in the former Dutch Indies, New Guinea or elsewhere in territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I am dreaming that a time comes during your Kingship that the Indies " matter " will come to a honorable solution, specially for them who fought and gave their lives for the "Honor of  Oranje". the Netherlands. I am dreaming that during your Kingship people start to understand what a Veteran is.
A "Veteran"- whether he or she is in active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve, is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable to "The Netherlands" for an amount of " up to and including his life".  That is " honor". And there are way too many people in this country today, who no longer understand that fact.

Dutch-Government take your responsibility,Now! for the last 100 KNIL soldiers who are about to die...
I am dreaming that during your Kingship the Dutch Government will stand behind their morals, specially for the ones who suffered so many atrocities during WW2 in the former Dutch Indies and elsewhere.'We' their children demand that they deserve justice.I sincerely hope that your children grow up in a world without war.
During war time 40% of children are most of the time the victims.Children are unfortunately often the direct but powerless victims of the horrors committed against their family. A child survives the war, but the war will never leave a child, you can't erase the war from a child's mind.Because when after the war a  peace treaty  has been signed the war is not over! For many war children who survived, the fight starts against nightmares and war ghosts will haunt them, their fears and their dreams will never leave them.
The worst part is that all these horrors they struggle with and try to understand has been created by adults who themselves have children. How do these adults explain this to their own children??? Again with lies???
Please learn from the past, and maybe a time will come that the world will live in peace.
But mankind is stupid, because history repeat and repeat itself. Why are adults keep hurting children???
The children who were born after the war, learned in school that the United Nations would  take care that history would be history forever.
These past month's sadly enough it has been proven that the UN is an useless organization!

But we are mostly saddened by the ignorance of the Dutch Government about the past.Very little attention has been devoted to the Pacific War in WW2. Even less recognition has been directed to the former Dutch Indies To the KNIL soldiers, their women and children who suffered under the Japanese military.

Ask anybody about the Holocaust, and they immediately tell you that this had to do with the suffering of the Jews during WW2.

Ask them about the other Holocaust in Asia, and they do not know a thing about it.They have no idea about the Japanese prison camps and what happened in these camps during  WW2. They have no idea how many of their countrymen were starved, tortured,and killed during the occupancy of Japan.How many died during the occupancy of Japan, we don't know, we can only guess. And it is estimated that millions and millions lost their lives during WW2 in the Pacific, far more than the lives which were lost in Europe during WW2 , against Germany.

Even today the remains of  men, women and children are found in Indonesia and elsewhere. Often in deep wells under soccer fields etc.Many were swallowed up in the jungle, where they were used as slave workers by the Japanese to build railroads and bridges for their transportation of  their war supplies. Many died in transport ships and found their last resting place in the ocean. The Japanese kept no records. A human life was nothing to them. There were millions to replace them.
The infamous  Burma Railroad line alone has cost 100.000 people their death. Seventy five POW slave workers died a day. Tortured, starved, worked and bayonet to death by the Japanese military. Those who survived carried the scars for life, mentally as well as physically. After returning  to The Netherlands they received no help whatsoever.

The Dutch Government should be ashamed of themselves!

We want justice, compensation of war damage and back pay wages. Stop neglecting us.
This demonstration was held this year in The Hague.
I hope that The Netherlands no longer will neglect their Dutch citizens who fought, worked , died and lost everything what was so dear to them, in the Asian-Holocaust.I hope they won't forget the children from this holocaust, because these children and their children and their next generation will not forget.
                                                  Lest we forget!

                                                  Justice is due!

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